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January 2015 Talk

Saturday 16th January, 1pm to 6pm at Broad Oak Social Club

Computing for the Visually Impaired - Mike Ray

Mike has been visually impaired all his life, but is now totally blind. He continues to use and program computers. He will show us how he writes code, how he reads things and what he needs to use a computer fully. He will be showing us his equipment, including a braille monitor/keyboard.

Mike's passion is the Raspberry Pi and all her relatives - Banana Pi, Arduino, etc.. If it is tiny and programmable, then Mike finds it irresistible.

He has a website called Raspberry VI (VI for visually impaired) which is going from strength to strength.

The Raspberry Pi, as originally constituted, had inadequate audio for someone blind, who relied totally on sound to communicate. Many would have given up. Mike wrote his own code to remedy the problem and can now use his Raspberry Pi. He will be telling us about this.

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