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November 2015 Talk

Saturday 21st November, 1pm to 6pm at Broad Oak Social Club

The new editor - Dr. Jacek Kopecky

Dr Jacek Kopecky, a Senior Lecturer at the School of Computing of the University of Portsmouth will talk about the new editor, of which he is one of the developers, being a contributor to Atom's vim-mode package.

He will talk in particular about how it is open, and built on Web technologies, so it's quite easy to hack. He is using it on a Mac, but Atom also runs on Linux.

Jack was an avid Linux user from 1995, until he switched to Mac in 2010; sometimes he still misses the configurability and openness of Linux. Moreover, he likes open source. This could be an opportunity to increase Jack's nostalgia for Linux to such an extent that he will start to use it again. ;-)

There will also be an opportunity to install Linux for those who want it, but cannot manage the install themselves; to help each other out with our problems: in other words to spread the word. It is enjoyable just to have Linux and FLOSS chat.

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