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December 2015 Meet

Saturday 19th December, 1pm to 6pm at Broad Oak Social Club

Pies, Pi's and Zero Cheer

We shall have our annual Christmas "party". The theme will be Pies, Pi's and Zero cheer: there will be Mince pies, Raspberry Pi's (raspberry pies, anyone?) and at least one Raspberry Pi Zero; not to mention some Penguins (well, it is a PLUG meeting). So something for every level of geekdom.

Paul Tansom will be bringing along a few Raspberry Pi's with things like Pacman and other 8 bit animations in lights (Unicorn Hat), a robot arm controlled with python, a theramin (Skywriter Hat) as well as a Sense Hat, Display-o-Tron and a Raspberry Pi Zero to play with. Hopefully we may also have Christmas tree lights controlled by an Arduino. Anyone else with Pi delights (or even pie delights) please bring them along.

Come and relax for a bit away from the frenetic preparations. If your spouse or children might object, bring your spouse and children too! Our age range so far is 6 to 84. There is plenty of room either side to extend it!!

There will also be the mutual help session. We have been doing well with solving problems, even painful new 'features' introduced by some of our distros. (That was a 'feature', Luke, not a bug or a problem :-/ )

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