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November 2016 Talk

Saturday 19th November, 1pm to 6pm at Broad Oak Social Club

Building and Programming Drones - Dr Gareth Owenson (né Owen)

Gareth teaches and undertakes research into Cryptography and Digital Forensics at the University of Portsmouth.

His primary research interests are in large distributed systems with a particular interest in cryptographic applications such as darknets. He has many publications in journals and conferences and regularly serves as a referee for Elsevier, IEEE and CHINACOM.

He has conducted one of the largest studies to date into the use of darknets. He is widely recognised as an expert in this field and frequently speak on the topic. I have subsequently advised UK and US governments on this and Internet filtering policy.


You've seen drones filming stunning video and perhaps even flying acrobatics, now come and learn how to build and program them. Being someone who likes to learn by building things from scratch, I'll tell you about how I went from from knowing nothing about model aircraft five years ago to building a drone from scratch, including programming a Linux autopilot and manufacturing PCBs - and all the mistakes (and injuries) I had along the way. We'll cover everything from flight control algorithms to soldering components that are smaller than a millimetre. Perhaps we'll even talk about drone hacking too :-)

You can download the slides from the talk here.

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