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January 2017 Meet

Saturday 21st January, 1pm to 6pm at Broad Oak Social Club

Remote Desktop Administration


Adam spent a few years in the US working as an academic studying insect crop pests, returning to the UK during the dot com boom. Since the dot com crash he has worked as a programmer and administrator for a multinational medical company at their Basingstoke offices. During these years he has been a part time and sometimes full time system administrator of Linux systems. Adam is a keen programmer using Perl at home and SAP ABAP at work.


Remote system administration using SSH is second nature to many sysadmins, but can be complicated on home systems with a multitude of connection and firewall issues that are highly variable. Additionally helping out a remote non-technical user involves interacting with their desktop. The talk is based on years of supporting family members at long distance and and includes a demonstration of the techniques described.


Presentation will be made from a recycled Dell Latitude running Debian GNU/Linux and the KDE desktop. The presentation software is LibreOffice and the typeface is from the Adobe SourceSans and Source Code families. The demonstration uses Oracle VirtualBox. Notes and slides will be available after the talk directly from the author in PDF format and will also be distributed to the LUG.


You can download the unannotated slides from the talk here.

You can download the annotated slides comprising the full talk here.

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