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March 2017 Talk

1pm to 6pm at Broad Oak Social Club

Impress.js - Dr. Jacek Kopecky

This talk was postponed

Dr Jacek Kopecky is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Computing of the University of Portsmouth.

Dr. Kopecky will talk about Impress.js: an open-source, Web-native presentation package. He will talk in particular about the basics of Impress.js – what it can do, and how to achieve common visual effects. He will also describe his own extensions to Impress.js, which he uses in university lectures. For those not happy with editing HTML and CSS, he will also mention a WYSIWYG editor for Impress.js, called

Jack was an avid Linux user from 1995, until he switched to Mac in 2010; sometimes he still misses the configurability and openness of Linux. Moreover, he likes open source – the way whole software packages can be seen as a configuration file.

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