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May 2018 Meet

Saturday 19th May, 1pm to 6pm at Broad Oak Sports and Social Club

First steps with OpenWrt

Paul Tansom

OpenWrt is a Linux based operating system for embedded devices, particularly as a network router. There has been some turmoil within the project in recent months, but with the merging of the LEDE fork things are looking up. OpenWrt can remove the software limitations that are imposed on perfectly capable hardware by the stock firmware.

Having recently found the feature claims of the default firmware of some major brand routers to be somewhat less than accurate, Paul has taken the plunge and installed OpenWrt. Flashing the firmware on your router can be a daunting prospect, but it is actually more straight forward than it seems. This talk will cover choosing the right hardware, installing OpenWrt, getting connected and explore what else can be done with the software.

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