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January 2018 Meet

Saturday 20th January, 1pm to 6pm at Broad Oak Sports and Social Club

Bring-a-box and Lightning Talks

With Christmas and the New Year rushing all to rapidly by I've not managed to arrange a talk this month, so we will open up the floor to Lightning Talks again. Last month we had a couple of impromptu ones that opened up discussion, so if you are unsure about doing one just think of it as opening up discussion to the floor rather than just a table :-)

These are 5 minute talks with 2 minutes for questions afterwards (give or take, if there is time available there's no need to cut short a good discussion!). The subject can be anything related to Linux and Open Source, and I would encourage anyone to consider doing something whatever your level of experience. Nobody knows everything, and it is just as valuable to hear about a new user's journey as it is to hear an in depth technical talk (it is a good reminder of where we all started and problems experienced users overlook).

To get you thinking here are a few suggested areas:

There is no need to put together slides, and with just 5 minutes to fill the preparation is minimal (or just wing it!). In fact there is no real pressure to fill the full 5 minutes even, if you have a tip to share the conversation will start and time will fly by!

All things being equal and with a following wind I plan to do a quick "How to quit Vim" Lightning Talk.

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